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il January● 2013.Farmers● hope that loc●al financial and co〓mmerce authori●ties can fur〓ther simplify◆ subsidy proced■ures.Related stories〓:Xue Juanjuan ●and her fia?/p>

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餹ce have c■arefully pre●pared a lon◆g shopping list〓 before step●ping into an el○ectronics chain in S■hanghai, in th○e hope of ra●cking up great dea◆ls via an applian〓ce rebate progr●am targeting rural

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〓residents such as th■em.For the 22-year-○old, who w〓ants to buy s〓ome big-ti■cket items li◆ke a new ref●rigerator and an ai■r conditioner○ for her new home 〓in Jiading distr●ict an outlying〓 area nea

tr〓y hit by the glo○bal financia○l crisis.

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po●tentially enorm■ous demand acro●ss Ch

ina's vas●t rural regions.Su●i Yinghui, Direct〓or of Economic●s Instit

r Sha◆nghai, about 20 k●m away before gettin〓g married i○n June, the go○vernment-backe●d appliance ○rebate sche○me is her

ea○rly wedding gift◆.Just a few■ weeks ago,◆ the municipal● government of Sha◆nghai launched the● much talked-about s■ubsi

dy pro○gram called "home a◆ppliances go◆ing to the coun●tryside" close 〓on the heels o●f 14 other ci●ties and p〓rovinces a

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